Welded Carbon Steel Tube Mill

  • Model : 100mm×4.5mm-RE90
  • Categories : Tube Mill
  • Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
  • Brand Name : Reliance
  • Place of Origin : China

Mechanical tube for precision tube as well as for high-resistant material
Structural high productivity and good mechanical properties
Water/gas to comply with the norms
Heat exchanger for pressure, boiler and heat exchanger tubing
Steel profiles
Work Flow:
Coil loading—Uncoiling—Pinching & Leveling—End Shearing–‐Strip joining—Horizontal Spiral Accumulator—Forming,–‐HF Welding–Outside burr removal–Water Cooling–‐Sizing & straightening–‐Measuring roll—Flying saw cutting—Run out conveyor

Raw material Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel
Round tube outer diameter 32-100mm
Wall thickness Round tube 1.5-4.5mm
Square tube 25х25,30х30, 40х40, 50х50, 60х60, 70х70
Rectangular tube 20х40, 25х40, 28х40, 30х40, 20х50, 25х50, 30х50, 40х50, 25х55, 25х60, 30х60, 40х60, 50х60, 40х70, 50х70, 40х80, 50х80, 72х80, 120х40
Wall thickness Square & Rectangular tube 4.0mm
Tube welding speed 20-60m/min
Main DC Drive 110kW×2
High frequency welder 300 kW
Entry section
Uncoiler Single Mandrel Hydraulic Uncoiler
Shear & End Welder Semi-Automatic
Hydraulic shear
Accumulator Horizontal Spiral Accumulator
Forming section
Side guide & Flatten Seven flattening roll
Round shape Forming Conventional mill Cassette-Bed Quick change
Welding section
Seam guide roll stand
Squeeze roll stand
Outer weld bead removal
H.F.Welder Solid State Vacuum Tube
Cooling unit
Sizing & strengthening section
Sizing Conventional mill Cassette-Bed Quick change
Turk Head Single Station
Measuring roll stand Speed & length measuring
Cutting & discharging
Flying Saw Pneumatic Friction Saw
Run out conveyor One side Double side


2.Welding table and shear

3. Spiral Horizontal Accumulator

4.Forming & Sizing Unit

5.Cutting Saw

6.Solid State H.F. Welder

7.Mould and spare parts

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