High Speed Slitting Line

  • Model : 2013/4/8103233573
  • Categories : Slitting line
  • Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
  • Brand Name : Reliance
  • Place of Origin : China

1.The whole line is driven by DC motors. With proportional movements and tension control, it is easy to control.
2.The accuracy of the slitting shaft base surface is within 0.003mm which will ensure the service life of the cutting tool as well as the accuracy of the products.
3.Applicable material: CR, G.I. Pre-painted color steel coil, Stainless steel coil and Aluminum coil.
4.Material thickness: 0.4 ~ 3.0mm.
5.Coil width: 1220mm.
6.Coil weight: 10 ton.
7.Number of cuts: 30 cuts/under 1.0mm thickness.
8.Line speed: 160M/min.
9.Width tolerance: +- 0.1mm.
10.The slit edges are clearing cut and free from burr.

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