ERW Carbon Steel Tube Mill

  • Model : 50.8mm×2.0mm -RE32
  • Categories : Tube Mill
  • Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
  • Brand Name : Reliance
  • Place of Origin : China

Furniture/ornamental for high quality tube with aesthetic surface
Automotive to comply with the high demand standard of automotive industry
Mechanical tube for precision tube as well as for high-resistant material
Structural high productivity and good mechanical properties
Conduit electric cables conduits
Water/gas to comply with the norms for
Heat exchanger for pressure, boiler and heat exchanger tubing
API for oil and natural gas
Steel profiles
Work Flow:
Coil loading—Uncoiling—Pinching & Leveling—End Shearing–‐Strip joining—Hoop cage—Forming,–‐HF Welding–Outside burr removal–Water Cooling–‐Sizing & straightening–‐Measuring roll—Flying saw cutting—Run out conveyor

Raw material Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel
Round tube outer diameter 10-38mm
Wall thickness Round tube 0.6-1.5mm
Square tube 10×10, 20×20, 30×30, etc
Rectangular tube 20×10, 30×10, 40×20, etc
Wall thickness Square & Rectangular tube 1.2mm
Tube welding speed 30-100m/min
Main DC Drive 45kW
High frequency welder 100kW
Entry section
Uncoiler Double Mandrel Uncoiler
Shear & End Welder Automatic
Pneumatic shear
Accumulator Hoop Cage
Forming section
Side guide & Flatten Seven flattening roll
Round shape Forming Conventional mill Cassette-Bed Quick change
Welding section
Seam guide stand
Squeeze stand
Outer weld bead removal
H.F.Welder Solid State Vacuum Tube
Cooling unit
Sizing & strengthening section
Sizing Conventional mill Cassette-Bed Quick change
Turk Head Single Station
Measuring roll stand Speed & length measuring
Cutting & discharging
Flying Saw Pneumatic Friction Saw Flying Cold Saw
Run out conveyor One side Double side


2.End shear and welder

3.Hoop Cage

4.Forming & Sizing Unit

5.Cutting Saw

6.Solid State H.F. Welder

7.Mould and spare parts

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