Double Slitter Slitting Line

  • Model : 2013/4/8102554778
  • Categories : Slitting line
  • Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
  • Brand Name : Reliance
  • Place of Origin : China

1. The whole slitting line is driven by DC motors. With proportional movements and tension control, it is easy to control.
2. The whole slitting line is designed for an extra slitting head for double quick change slitting function.  There are two interchangeable slitting heads. One is used for production and the other is for back-up. Thus it is efficient and time-saving.
3. The accuracy of the slitting arbors surface are within 0.01mm which will ensure the service life of the cutting tools as well as the accuracy of the products.
4. The winding tension is generated from both dynamic and static friction so as to protect the surface from scratches.
5. The whole line is made of heavy-duty plates and heat-treated to relieve internal stress.

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