C U SIGMA Post Roll Forming Machine

  • Model : 2013/4/17195050199
  • Categories : Roll Forming Machine
  • Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
  • Brand Name : Reliance
  • Place of Origin : China

A crash barrier or guardrail is a barrier on a road designed to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway to improve road safety. Guardrail Roll Forming Machine is specially designed for its production.

1. Hydraulic Decoiler with Breaking device is equipped for coil processing.
2. Loading Coil Car (Option)
3. Peeler Table And Pressure Pad
4. Leveler
5. Fully-Auto Hydraulic Crop Shearing And Full Auto Butt-Welding Equipment(Option)
6. Entry Looping Pit
7. Servo Roll Feeder
8. Online Multi Station Hydraulic Punching Equipment
9. Exit Looping pit
10. Rollformer with tooling
11. Straightening Device
12. Flying cut-off machine
13. Run Out Table or automatic stacking device
14. Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC and Touchable Screen are used for data processing and setting.
15. Line speed is 10-15 meter / minute.

(1) Suitable Material:    Hot Rolled Steel 
(2) Material Width:     as per profile
(3) Material Thickness:      4 -6 mm

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