Bemo Roof Roll Forming Machine

  • Model : 300/400/425/500/600
  • Categories : Roll Forming Machine
  • Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
  • Brand Name : Reliance
  • Place of Origin : China

1. Hydraulic Decoiler with Breaking device is equipped for coil processing.
2. Rollformer with fourteen rolling station forming process, straight standing seam roof and tapered roof
3. Hydraulic cut-off machine
4. Run Out Table or automatic stacking device
5. Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC and Touchable Screen are used for data processing and setting.
6. Roll forming speed is 10-20 meter / minute.
7. Curving machine, Convex, Concave or “S” curving
8. Automatic seamer

1. Suitable Material: Pre-painted sheet, aluminium sheet, Galvalume
2. Material Width: Max. 680mm, As per profile
3. Material Thickness: 0.40 – 0.80 mm Pre-painted sheet
0.70-1.20 aluminium sheet


Hangzhou Reliance Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 2000, we are a specialized manufacturer and exporter involved in Bemo Roof Roll Forming Machine , Reliance plays an important role in this industry in China.

Reliance Bemo Roof Roll Forming Machine are widely applied for furniture, automotive industry, mechanical tube, structural tube, water/gas tube, API for oil and natural gas, etc.

Reliance Bemo Roof Roll Forming Machine service a multitude of industries. Our strength is providing complete and continuous solution for door frame, shelving upright, box beam, cable tray, guardrail and post system, other special profiles with complicated holes, etc.

Reliance Bemo Roof Roll Forming Machine Machinery’s mission is to provide the highest quality products as a competitive price, good in Quality, On-Time Deliveries, and Superlative Customer Support.

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